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We are at the forefront of innovation in the West African food industry. An established leader in the production and distribution of pure refined cooking oils and mayonnaise for the Nigerian consumers, SNF Foods offers specially formulated great-tasting products, made from the finest raw materials and processed at our state-of-the-art facilities in Onitsha, Nigeria.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Nourishment with Taste

SNF Foods synthesises the nimbleness and ambition of a start up with decades of deep experience in the foods business in Nigeria, and West Africa. Incubated in Nigeria, Africa’s largest most populous nation, SNF Foods’ intent is to provide nutrition, taste, choice and fun through every serving of it brands.

We are a young business in a young nation – our intent is to move in tandem with the tastes and demands of our consumers. We strive to provide the best products, made in the best way with carefully sourced ingredients.

We recognize that food is all about health, togetherness, community and fun. We strive to deliver “Healthy Products, for a Healthier You”.


Taste in every mouthful,
Nutrition with every serve

Craft high quality and affordable products that people love, to keep them active and healthy in body and spirit.


To help provide healthy meals for people, families and communities everywhere, by upholding the highest standards possible.

To deliver nutrition by complementing the food habits of our consumers, provide quality through good manufacturing practices and sourcing of ingredients.

To deliver consumer fulfilment through availability and affordability.


Support good health with great Taste. Ensure availability at affordable prices.
Ensure Community, Togetherness and Fun at work and mealtimes.